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Copyright Knowledge in Education

23 Apr

Copyright is something that every educator has to worry about at least once in their educational career. It is important for you to know what you can and can not do in your classroom. Many times educators think that just because they are using something as an educational tool that they do not have to worry about copyright but in actuality they can get in big trouble for showing or using something that is copyrighted.

  • Everything that you post on the internet is copyrighted!!!
  • You can show an entire film in the classroom but only if the school has paid for it. However if you show a video in an alternative classroom you can show the movie in its entirety
  • A lot of times whenever you write a paper and the paper gets published the author ends up loosing the copyrights to there paper. This happens a lot because people do not know that they are signing their rights away.
  • you can photocopy a page out of something but you can’t copy a whole book
  • Google images has a link where you can go to advanced search and you can specify the usages rights that you want Google to bring up.
  • Amount of the work – has to be a small amount . amount a 10th of the work.
  • if you need to copy the whole book. you need to ask for copyright privilege, normally have to pay amount
  • Does this affect the revenue stream?
  • Does this affect the market?


Purpose Of The Use

Nature of the use

Something that every educator should have saved in their favorites bar is a list of resources they can use regarding copyright. The Library of Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi has set up a perfect guide for anyone curious about what they can and can do just only in a classroom but regarding anything copyright related. They also have a book Smart Copyright Compliance for Educators   


http://www.copyright.com/  find out what you can do with copyrighted material.


http://creativecommons.org/ Where to go if you want to get something you write copyrighted

Fair use – gives educators some leeway when using copyright material in your leaching learning.li

http://copyright.columbia.edu/copyright/files/2009/10/fairusechecklist.pdf – fair use checklist   

A website that every body that uses someone else material in their classroom should print out it the Know Your Rights What You Can Do  designed by the Association of Research Libraries