Everybody wants to be Batman

8 Apr

This was a fun project to work on. One of the joys of working on a movie is working with the people that are going to be involved in the movie making process and this project was no exception. I decided to partner up with a fellow classmate to work together on the storyboard, filming and editing process. If you remember from my past post that we were going to be making a movie about a young girl who is inspired by Batman coming to her school and talking to them about how beneficial it is to eating healthy and exercising. 

Now, I had previously worked on movies before; from designing storyboards, to scouting locations, to filming to the editing process. But, that was a while ago and to say that we were able to jump into MovieMaker and start editing and trimming the movie would be a lie, thank you for YouTube for all the helpful videos. Listen if you want to make a movie and not pull out your hair in the process due yourself a favor, buy a mac, install iMovie and make your movie on this program. Microsoft is horrible and is not user friendly, AT ALL, so go with iMovie and save yourself some trouble, plus children love working with apple products, they feel cool. Anywho. One thing that because a problem and something that we should have looked over before we left shooting was how annoying wind can be especially when you think there isn’t any. Once we were in the editing room we realized that wind was a problem and that we couldn’t hear what our Robin was saying at some times so we had to use some voice over in editing to make the project work. 

This lesson was a lot of fun but I think I would want to use this a lot more for creating social stories for students while working in my special education classes. 

Hit Jump to see our finish project. 




One Response to “Everybody wants to be Batman”

  1. Alex May 7, 2013 at 2:57 am #

    I like that you mentioned how you could use this lesson in special education. I agree that this would be cute for social stories and would like to see something if you ever end up trying it!

    I don’t really understand what that last line means (Hit Jump to see our finished project) but I assumed it meant to click the link. I was looking all over the place for Jump, though!

    Your video was really sweet! Great idea. I can see a theme here over the course of our classes… You could have a really cool themed classroom if you wanted!

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