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Here is a blog…Now what

25 Feb

            Blogs are something that are relatively new to older generations but to young adults who have grown up with being around the internet a blog is something that is a useful tool used to discover new and exciting material that the internet and the people creating blogs have to offer. This can be anything from commentary of current events, to new music, to the latest fashion trends.

            Blogs allow an individual to share with the internet community something that that blog creator demeans as something important or something they feel is with sharing with anyone. For a business owner it can be their menu or upcoming events. For the purpose of this blog it will be information that I feel is something that future or current educators can use in their classroom and methods on how to implement these methods into your teaching.  

There are a lot of reason why as an educator I will incorporate the internet and blogs in my teaching curriculum  Having a classroom homepage for your students is beneficial because it allows a place for a teacher to post assignments online if a student is absent, this allows a student to never fall behind if they happen to fall ill and have to take off of school. Students can have the opportunity to participate in online discussion to encourage communication between students and also for students who are to shy to speak in the classroom a blog can give them a chance to express their opinions and their comments regarding a certain assignment.

There are a ton of educational blogs out there so finding the right one to use can get overwhelming if you do not know where to start. Of course, you can always Google “education blogs” but why do that when I have already done that. Here are a few educational blog sites for further reading.  Of course this has to be one of the top educational blog sites but here are some other good ones:  Free Technology for Educators  this is an amazing website; 1. Because it is Free information and who doesn’t like free stuff. This blog has won multiple awards in 2010 Free Technology for Teachers was awarded the Edublogs Award for “Best Resource Sharing Blog,” “Best Ed Tech Support,” and “Best Individual Blog. The Innovative Educator This is an amazing blog if you are an educator and having a hard time separating your teaching style from other educators in your school. Having an organized classroom and designed it in a way that is efficient is a problem that every educator will face sooner or later. Yes there are a lot of well researched textbooks out there explaining the best ways to set up a classroom but who has time for that when their are lesson plans to be made, parents to call and lessons to designed luckily  The Organized Classroom Blog is there to help you out with your classroom management needs.

After looking over the blog  I found a few, innovative ways on how you can use the internet in your classroom.  The beautiful thing about the internet is that everyone in the world has some access to the internet and with this the educator world has exploded. As a teacher you no longer need to relay on textbooks or restricted to your community to find new, innovative ways to educate your students. You can design Project Based Learning activities for students to use the internet to find information in countries across the world or have web conferences with scientists studying in the amazon when you come to a section about plants or animals.

The internet allows students to explore the world they live in and communicate with different cultures that they would have never encountered before.


So, whats the big deal about inquiry and project based learning??

18 Feb

The need for having a strong inquiry and project-based learning question within your unit plan is to give your students an opportunity to answer a question without giving an one word response. A well structured unit question is one where students will not be able to give a one worded answer and needs to ask inquire questions in order to discover what they believe the answer should be. Incorporating Project-based learning will follow the same format; the student researching either on the internet, library, asking questions to experts in that field. This is important for the student because they are having to get out of the textbook and try to solve the question by using more than one source.

My essential question is “Does Texas have reason to fear a natural disaster?  Which ones or Why not?” and the way that I will incorporate IBL and PBL is through my unit plan that I have link in this post.